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    Frequently asked questions?

    What Raw Material Do You Use?

    In the production of our products, we also use felt, so that the plant roots can breathe comfortably and drain excess water.

    The felt material is non-toxic, dissolving in nature, UV resistant, anti-corrosive, sunscreen, heat resistant materials in accordance with environmental standards.

    What kind of plants can I grow?

    You can easily grow strawberry vegetables and many types of flowers.

    Is the product heavy or difficult to assemble?

    Our products are manufactured from 2mm felt, you can’t believe how light it is and how easy it is to install.

    Reusable, portable, economical and practical.

    What happens to excess water?

    Excess water is discharged from the felt material automatically. The soft felt provides the advantage of lightweight design for easy movement and suspension.

    Where do I use it?

    You can also use all your indoor and outdoor walls sample balcony, fence or walls can be hung anywhere you can easily use.

    Other Questions?

    Can you produce it in any size we want?

    Yes, we can produce all the sizes you want because it is modular in structure, you can reach the total size you want by hanging it side by side.

    Do you provide assembly service?

    Unfortunately, we can’t serve for this, in fact, we don’t need to, because installation is as easy as hanging pictures on the wall.